I’ve got sunshine….

So after a week of fighting with my laptop and electronic medical records – the bane of my existence – I slept in this morning.  But when I opened my eyes I didn’t know if I was still dreaming because I was extremely fatigued or if I was truly awake.

You see, as I rolled over to my right in bed I saw the most beautiful angel at my side.  Her soft brown hair occasionally curls. With skin so pure, cheeks so full, and a peaceful look on her face.  Occasionally a flighting smile adorns her mouth, as if she is talking to other angels.   When her eyes open and she looks at me, the corners of her mouth turn up, pulled by her big brown bright eyes …. It as if the gleam in her deep brown eyes is surreal – her eyes look like they were carefully crafted and painted on her face with the most careful attention, especially the long black eyelashes….The Artist spent extra time on this masterpiece…. 

When her eyes open, her two tiny hands find their way to my cheeks and our eyes meet… She gazes into my eyes, grin and all,  and I melt… She has my heart… She has had it longer than she has known.

She is my Lily and I never knew that just a smile from her could make me feel like I didn’t have a care in the world…

She then falls back asleep and I am eager to spend the rest of my day with her 

A lot has changed since last August 30th.


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